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Another one from the Common, just so you won’t forget how much I like this place. But promise I’ll try not to overload the blog with only photos of me and trees. It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been waiting for universities answers, studying and soul searching. I believe sometimes it’s important to take a time for yourself and try to understand everything that is going on in your life. Reflect and plan the next step. I have so many plans for Such a Flour this year and I truly hope that I can achieve it. Other event that made me rethink my life was the death of my beloved IPhone, Yes, I am one of those crazy Apple geeks and I wish I have enough money to buy every single gadget. Mine was almost 5 years old and the poor thing had the last breath living me all alone (drama queen mode on), I’ve got a Nokia Lumia now, it’s a lot different, but I like it, maybe getting out of my “comfort apple zone” wasn’t so bad.

I’m wearing Zara coat, dress from Portobello Market, hat from Tk-max, tights from Next and Converse. 





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When I came to London in September one of my goals was to start jogging. I really enjoy doing it and here there are more open spaces and parks to do it than back home. In one of my “jog sections” I “found” the Cannon Hill Common, and completely went nuts. I had three shoots there (12 , 3 – coming soon)  and probably will keep having it again and again. Until I’m completely fed up with. Actually, what I like the most it’s because it’s a peaceful place, where I can take my tripod and find an empty spot, take my photos without looking like a crazy human being. Here are photos of some spots that I really like. Extremely muddy – as you can see by my lovely Adidas.

Trainers from Adidas, Urban-ears headphones, Hollister hoodie and sunnies from a store in Portobello Market.





Hello there! Spending friday night at home working is something that always makes me feel like an adult. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been really inspired to work on my blog, study and be creative. Good, I hope it lasts forever. So the excitement of the night is a list of old Britney Spears songs that I just can’t get out of my head and that it’s on repeat the whole day. Sometimes I like to revisit these songs, Britney, Backstreet boys, 5ive, etc. Makes me go down memory lane and realize that I’m getting old. haha

So, I know that inside the “blogosphere” the Cambridge Satchel Company Bag is old news and that people will look at me and say “why are you so excited about it? it’s sooo last season” But I was in Brazil when the whole “movement” happened and the idea of shipping a precious one would make my credit cards ache in pain. And I don’t really care, I always wanted this bag, it’s so cool and unique. I’m so excited to finally get it that I’ve been wearing it for almost a whole month. It’s so pretty and shiny and I love it. I love watching people wearing it and the different ways they use it. I’m planning to get another one very soon. hahaha

I’m wearing a Renner blazer, vintage blouse, Primark jeans, Bufalo trainers and Cambridge Satchel Company Bag.